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Breaking Free: The Decentering Men Course

Breaking Free: The Decentering Men Course

Decentering Men Workshop

What's Included: 30-minute video + Three worksheets 


Decentering Men by Charlie Taylor is a transformative workshop designed to empower participants by challenging the pervasive influence of patriarchal norms and prioritizing women's perspectives and autonomy. This workshop is structured into four comprehensive brackets, each addressing different aspects of decentering men and fostering personal empowerment. The workshop also includes three detailed worksheets to support and enhance the learning experience.

Workshop Structure

Introduction: The workshop begins by acknowledging how societal structures rooted in heteropatriarchy influence our behaviors and perceptions. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and motivations for centering men in their lives, often driven by internalized misogyny and societal conditioning.

Bracket 1: The Language + Knowing Your World Participants explore the concept of heteropatriarchy—a system combining male dominance with enforced heterosexual norms. Understanding this system is crucial for identifying and challenging its impact on personal and societal levels. This bracket emphasizes the importance of feminist practices in subverting patriarchal norms.

Bracket 2: You This bracket focuses on self-reflection and introspection. Participants delve into why they prioritize men and examine the role of internalized misogyny in perpetuating these behaviors. The session encourages individuals to redefine their self-worth independently of romantic relationships and societal expectations.

Bracket 3: Mindset Mindset transformation is central to decentering men. Participants learn strategies to challenge negative thought patterns and cultivate a mindset prioritizing self-autonomy and fulfillment. Emphasis is placed on setting realistic goals, building resilience, and redirecting energy towards personal growth.

Bracket 4: Daily Practice The final bracket integrates practical daily practices that reinforce the principles of decentering men. These practices include journaling, prioritizing career goals, investing in mental and physical well-being, and challenging traditional gender roles. Participants are encouraged to sustain these practices to support ongoing personal empowerment.

Closing Reflections: In conclusion, participants reflect on their journey towards decentering men and recognize the progress made throughout the workshop. They are encouraged to continue advocating for gender equality, fostering supportive communities, and challenging patriarchal norms daily. The workshop concludes with a commitment to embracing feminist principles and promoting systemic change.

Included Worksheets

To further enhance the learning experience, the "Decentering Men" workshop comes with three detailed worksheets:

  • Misogyny Check-In Worksheet: A guided tool to help participants explore and identify instances of internalized misogyny in their lives.
  • Self-Reflection Worksheet: Exercises to help participants delve into their motivations and experiences related to centering men.
  • How to Decenter Men Reflection Sheet: Practical exercises and activities to integrate the principles of decentering men into daily life.

Overall, the "Decentering Men" workshop is a transformative experience that empowers participants to reclaim their autonomy, challenge patriarchal norms, and prioritize personal fulfillment and empowerment.

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