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Energy Management Is More Important Than Time Management

If you read any article regarding productivity, often you will find an emphasis on time management. They’ll tell you how to use your time wisely and tips to break your tasks down into bite-sized pieces. However, most of us have the time, we just don’t have the energy, motivation, or willpower to do it.

Below I’ve outlined ways to better manage your energy:

  1. Watch what you consume. Sometimes your energy is depleted because you are constantly consuming negative, sad, depressing, or earth-shattering news daily. Remember Not every article about the plight of people should be consumed. This goes for other forms of media (music, TV, etc.)

  2. Designate days or times to use your social media. My routine is early morning until 10 am and If I am feeling out of sorts I will do 3 pm until 6 pm. Or I used to designate days. So, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday were days I had unregulated use of my social media.

  3. Work in places that inspire you. Sometimes external triggers impact the way you work. More often when you are isolated, you tend to not do your best work. However, when you are around other workers like in a coffee shop or a library you tend to focus a bit more.

  4. Go to the doctor. Vitamin deficiencies & mental health issues can have a huge impact on your energy. Sometimes lethargy is due to undiagnosed depression and anxiety. Sometimes it is due to a lack of vitamin D or B. Go to the doctor to understand if it is your mood or a chemical

  5. Work in short spurts. Use the timer on your phone to focus for 20 minutes and take 5 minutes off. This helps you strengthen the muscle you need to focus on. The more you implement it, the longer you will be able to focus.

  1. Eat nutrient-rich foods. Food is energy and if you are eating bad food, you will feel sluggish. Sometimes we mistake that sluggish feeling with a lack of motivation or interest. It’s often not that, it’s just your body telling you to eat better.

  2. Brainstorm in the morning. Write down all of the things you need to do and want to do. Then organize them in columns of the most pressing, not as pressing, and can wait. Now focus your energy solely on the most pressing. Once that is done, start on the second column. Know that you do not have to complete the 2nd and 3rd columns, but if you have the energy to complete it, you can. This creates less pressure and an organized approach to tackling your day. It also conserves your energy as you won’t shuffle through many tasks without a completed result

  3. Be future-oriented. Any task left undone will cause stress in the future. To keep your week smooth, do the things needed to keep it flowing.

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