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Decentering Men: A Key to Subverting Power Dynamics

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Did you know that the same strategies used to challenge men and patriarchal systems can be applied to combat misogynoir in your workplace? For those who may not be familiar with these terms, misogynoir refers to the combined impact of anti-Black racism and misogyny directed towards Black women. Decentering men involves countering the idea promoted by patriarchy that places men at the center of our world. Both concepts help us understand structures of oppression and power hierarchies.


Addressing misogynoir and decentering men allows us to subvert systems that thrive on power dynamics actively. Recognizing that all actions and inactions are strategies to gain, maintain, or seize power can demystify certain behaviors.


Patterns in the behaviors of the men you date and the white women at work often become predictable. Their compliance with existing systems, inclination to align with those in power, and timidity are all patterns that we can learn to navigate. Successfully navigating these dynamics involves subversion and moderate education to avoid retaliation.


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