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How Charlie Helped: Jasmine Marie Mitchell

What lessons did your parents provide to prepare for the challenges in the dating world?

My parents taught me about the value of knowing exactly who you are. Staying true to that person and to always listen to my inner voice.  What is one lesson from CTB that impacted you the most and drastically changed your dating?

The most drastic lesson I learned from CTB is that men are just men. They don't have to be the center of my universe. She's taught me to center myself, in return allowing them to just be the cherry on top of my sundae - not the whole thing. They will always be there and I can take breaks from them as I please.

Care to share any dating horror stories?

Whew, honestly the worst dating story I can think of is my relationship with a narcissist. The ending of that actually catapulted me into CTB! I say if it weren't for going through that, I wouldn't be as evolved as I am now. 

Care to share a wonderful dating story?

Hmmm... at the beginning of the year I met a man at a stop light - seriously! LOL He took me on wonderful dates, helped me financially, and was very sweet. He really courted me. He definitely set the bar for how I expect to be treated.  When you are reflecting on your self-care, what is one process that matters the most?

What matters the most is how I feel, deep down inside. What is my intuition telling me? I rule out anxiety, doubt, hurt, etc. and really listen to my inner voice. When I listen to her, I'm always guided into a better place mentally and emotionally.  What year would you say was the most difficult year to overcome, why? And how did you get over these trials and tribulations?

Who are you today and would your 16-year-old self approve?

Today I am the woman who centers herself. I am the woman who speaks her mind and has no problem saying, "No." I am a woman who's accepting everything that the world wants me to hate or be ashamed of. I am an unapologetically outspoken, intelligent, and ridiculously beautiful person who my 16 year-old self would absolutely love. 


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