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How Charlie Helped: Winnie

How Charlie Helped: Winnie

What lessons did your parents provide to prepare for the challenges in the dating world?

My parents never spoke about dating. It wasn't a conversation that was ever had. When I started to date, I hid it from my family. They never approved of me having relationships. Fast forward as a 30-year-old, I am suddenly expected to vet men and choose the right partner without any tools???

What is one lesson from CTB that impacted you the most and drastically changed your dating?

Reading your "Decentering Men" really opened by eyes and started me on a self love journey. CTB reminds me to constantly choose and center myself. To date myself and find out what I want. To honour my inner child and listen to her. Your newsletters help me stay on track

Care to share any dating horror stories?

I dated a broke man in my 20s who thought dining me was expensive. He phones me the next day to invite me over to his house to cook for him. When I declined he said women from my tribe weren't well trained in taking care of a man.

I dated a man that upgraded my life and showed me how to raise my standards. He was the male figure that I never had. I could never accept anything less from another man.

When you are reflecting on your self-care, what is one process that matters the most?

Self care is a new journey for me. It is only recently that I have become intentional about it. I am creating routines that I can easily follow, I choose myself each time. Sometimes I fail myself but it is important that I keep at it.

What year would you say was the most difficult year to overcome, why? And how did you get over these trials and tribulations?

I was so confused around the age of 25-28. I was trying to get picked and appear to be the kind of "church girl" that someone would choose. Religion did really mess me up during that time and it has taken work to get to a place where I am my own self, mistakes and all and just existing

Who are you today and would your 16-year-old self approve?

I am a woman that knows what she wants. I aim to curate a life of ease and luxury. I look for ways to simplify my life. I want what I want and it's not up for debate. My 16 year old self would be so proud.


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