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How To Make Your Life Magical

Life can wear you down. You start off knowing without a shadow of a doubt that there is no limit. Your mind roams to lovely thoughts. You may have at one time stood firm in yourself. Then, you meet cruel people. Then, systems reinforced that you weren’t enough. Then, you dated deeply flawed men who required a helpmate in their misery.

In truth, I lost sight of my magic in 2017. I had back-to-back traumatic events happen to me, all the while in graduate school. I moved, instead of nourishing my magic like I typically did. I focused most of my energy on rebuilding my life. Now, that it is to my liking I am rebuilding my strength in magic.

I also recognized that I did not have to wait until I was settled to find magic. I could find magic in any environment because that muscle works anywhere and at any time. So, in this episode, I am going to describe a day of magic and what it takes to see the glimmer in your life.

There are days when your body is perky. You wake up the sun is beautiful and you have the urge to be healthy. You have an amazing workout where you give it your all, and as a result, you feel that body high. You take a steamy eucalyptus shower. You put on music while showering, and you have a new outfit to debut for brunch. You go to brunch with your friends and you all have the time of your life. You have so much fun that it is infectious and you end up meeting new people who tell you about a day party that is free to enter with registration. You register and go, and the DJ is great. You end up dancing the whole night and flirt with an extremely handsome man who buys you drinks the whole night. You go home tipsy, the horse from screaming, with little to no money spent, and satisfied from living your best life.

A day of magic is a day of nourishment. That nourishment can look like going to the market to pick up local veggies. It may look like prayer and the feeling that God was with you talking back. It can feel like the high you feel after running hard as hell. It may feel like finally sleeping in as late as you wanted. When you chase magic, you chase nourishment. Nourishment is hard because what if you have no extra income to go to brunch, what do you do? How do you find magic, when you are tired? Or broke? Or upset? Or depressed? The truth is living in magic is harder than living without it. You have to decide if you want to live in magic, or if you’d prefer a different method. If you prefer to live in magic, you have to dedicate yourselves to finding even a glimmer of magic in life. You can find magic in taking a walk and remembering that you are unique in so far as it took 11 generations to make you.

You remix and rematch an old outfit to find magic. Repaint a shoe, furniture item, or an old plastic or metal box to use as a planter. You stretch as you’ve never stretched before. You take a deep breath to inhabit your body fully. That can be magic. Your eye can find the magic in anything, you just have to train it. So, how do we train our eyes? How do we train our hearts? Or our souls to accept that magic can be found anywhere at any time in any state of being.

1. Start small.

A flavor, a stretch, a sound that reminds you of home. Taste something different and truly live in the fact that you’ve never experienced this ever in your life. In the timeline of your history, this new taste is a historic event. You Stretch and get a deep stretch one of the ones that make you feel satisfied. You listen to some songs that remind you of your childhood. That puts you back in that state of mind that anything and everything is possible. You reach for moments and savor feelings, taste, and sound. You take it all in that you had the opportunity to enjoy life at this specific time.

2. Find a new angle.

Life can drain your magic. Find a new way to look at yourself and your life. You do so by switching positions. If you were your mentor, what would you tell yourself? How would you look at yourself? What skill would be attractive to you? What would be the thing that would catch your eye? If you don’t know where to start, Use those answers that you pinpointed to build gratitude and appreciation for yourself. Sometimes we can’t see ourselves. We can’t appreciate ourselves because of guilt, shame, embarrassment, and self-hatred. Maybe if we inhabit another role such as a boss, mentor, or professor, we can take an objective stance and possibly discover something we love about ourselves.

3. Remember you are unique

It took 4094 ancestors to meet a specific date and time to make you. So that means a minute late the combination could be different. A minute earlier you could’ve missed your grandma and grandad, and you would not exist, but you are here. It also means you don’t have to “do anything” to be special, your existence itself is the magic. That is what is special about you. That you exist.

4. Discover magic within

Think about a moment of extreme pleasure. Think about the sound, the smell, the feeling Think about who was there. Think about how happy you were. Hold that moment. Just sit in that moment. Feel every part of that moment.

Now, you just harnessed your own emotions. You conjured up a positive thought and your emotions followed. So, that means 1. you have control over your emotion because you just demonstrated it. you just changed your emotions from a neutral state to one of pleasure. So you do have the capacity to dictate your emotions. It also means the more present you are, the more moments you can capture. The more moments you capture, the more magic you have to refer to when you are in a mood. Think about it like this, when you are present you are creating an encyclopedia of magical moments. The more present you are, the more moments you can remember and refer to.

5. Practice Daily

Finding magic is a muscle, and muscles require exercise. Also, the more you do, the better you get at it. So, start with one magical moment a day or a week and build.

6. Finding magic does not mean you are happy all the time. You will always experience ups and downs. You will always experience pain. That is the contract we sign when we decide to live. Magic does not absolve this. Finding magic trains the mind to notice and keep the beautiful moments in your life. Instead of dismissing, bypassing, and ignoring lovely moments find the moments that support the negative thoughts that you have.

So learn to find the magic! It helps


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