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Are You Showing Up for Your Dreams?

I’ve been obsessed with basketball interviews, documentaries, and old games. There is a lot of inspiration in this sport. You listen to these stories, watch these players take a dream and work hard enough to bring it to fruition, and see possibilities. In truth, it makes you see and believe in the possibilities within yourself. It makes you get real about what it takes to bring the life you desire to fruition.

On the flip side of that, seeing what it takes makes you get real about where you are and what you are truly doing to get there. And if you are truthful, you can admit that you have not taken the actions required to reach that goal, you don’t have the drive, you aren’t disciplined, you don’t like doing it, you are letting your fears take over, and it is causing you not to move. We all want to take a dream to fruition like Michael Jordan. We all want our actions to match our desires. So, how do we get there? Is it too late to change? Do you have the capacity to do this?

  1.  Tell the truth about who you are. Decide to be brave today. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I satisfied or dissatisfied with my life?” If you aren’t satisfied, I realize that this is a hard first step. It is an aching feeling to accept that your life is disappointing. It makes you feel defeated, and ashamed. These feelings are painful, but you need this step to develop trust in yourself. You must recognize this step is a part of the path required to turn a dream into fruition. Admitting that you aren’t satisfied with what is there is a part of dreaming because the dream is the answer to that dissatisfaction.

  2.  Examine your goal. There is a reason you aren’t where you want to be and sometimes it’s because of the goal. As you grow, your taste changes and so will your goals. What you dreamt of being at 18 may not be what you want to be at 30. Or you tried for the life/goal you wanted at 21 and realized you didn’t like it. As you grow, you must reevaluate your dreams and ask yourself is this what I want? Or has the dream been there so long that I just don’t want to give it up?

  3.  Develop trust in yourself. Michael Jordan had confidence in himself because he trusted himself, and what made him trust himself was his work ethic. He knew he outworked everyone. He knew how to prepare for pivotal moments. He had practiced every day, learned from failure, and excelled. And when the time came for pivotal moments, he simply showed up. So, ask yourself are you showing up for yourself and your dream? Are you showing up and proving to yourself that you can show up when it’s needed? Or are you disappointing yourself constantly and proving to yourself that you are untrustworthy?






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